Adventures in Woodworking: The FUNdamentals

In this course, students will be introduced to both the material and techniques to safely transform rough boards into a bandsaw box on a stand and stool. Through these two projects students will learn how wood works, basic woodworking joinery, shaping, and carving along with the tools and machines of the woodshop. I strive to teach in a way that allows for all levels and abilities to learn in thoughtfully, safely, and critically in a studio that can be intimidating for some. This course will be fun and fast paced, with plenty of room for folks who find comfort in making functional work, those who want to explore sculptural work, and those who are just looking to try something new. Students will design and build work that excites and challenges them and will allow them to grow their artistic voice and woodshop skills.

This workshop is taught by Sylvie Rosenthal, a teacher of woodworking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and construction at Madison College. Sylvie’s work has been featured at The Fuller Craft Museum, The Mint Museum, and the Museum of Art and Design. Learn more about Sylvie here.


Room 7251, 7th floor of the George L. Mosse Humanities Building on 455 N. Park St., Madison, WI 53706

Sylvie Rosenthal teaching students in her wood working class during Summer Arts Studio                      Sylvie Rosenthal showing students how to cut wood on a band saw


Student in gallery with wood working classes art work                      Wood table and wooden sign made during the woodworking class of Summer Arts Studio