Programs & Courses

Our vision is to be the piece that connects the UW-Madison School of Education with the educators of our county, our state, our nation, and our globe. Because we believe that partnerships are mutually beneficial, we see our connective role to be two-fold. We communicate the happenings of our campus and School to our educative partners just as we specifically work to integrate the thoughts, ideas, concerns, and successes of those partners back into the network of UW-Madison. Because we care so greatly about educators and their students, we always aim to provide opportunities of the highest quality and standard. This means that we write our programming based on feedback from the very educators that we serve, we listen to and consult with our professional partners, and we actively prioritize our own, internal growth and understanding. We are communicators, listeners, visionaries, and advocates, and we are inspired to excel in these areas because of the people that we serve. As teachers, your classroom, your workload, your ideas, and your students are always at the forefront of what we do. So now we have to ask… How can we help you?