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About Us

The office of Professional Learning and Community Education (PLACE) ensures that the knowledge fostered within the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has global impact. Using the expertise of faculty, staff, and community stakeholders, PLACE supports and develops professional and community learning programs in education, the arts and health. By building meaningful relationships with individuals invested in lifelong learning, PLACE represents the Wisconsin Idea in action.

Our programs provide transformational learning experiences for a diverse audience of participants. These noncredit offerings in education, art, and health allow you to develop skills while building community among like-minded colleagues.

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Our Mission

To further UW–Madison School of Education research and resources by creating communities of practice and facilitating innovative and engaging learning experiences that foster equity, creativity, and well-being.

PLACE by the Numbers

80 +Courses and Events Offered Annually

22 Professionals Creating and Supporting Programs

7000 +Program Participants

1200 +Schools Served

21 Countries Reached