Barbara Bielec

Barbara Bielec is the K-12 Program Director at the BTC Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, where she has worked since 2002. She has secondary teaching certifications in biology, chemistry, and math, and has taught science to students of all ages, in many different settings, for over thirty years. She received her bachelor of science degree in genetics from UW–Madison and her master of science degree in genetics from Texas A&M University. Currently, she coordinates and teaches a variety of K-12 programs at the BTC Institute including: A Celebration of Life!, a summer science program for children; the Biotechnology Youth Apprenticeship Program; the Biotechnology Field Trips Program; and teacher graduate education courses and workshops. Bielec is a member of the National Science Teaching Association and the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers. In 2020, she received the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators Special Citation Award.