Sandra Campos-Diaz

Sandra Campos-Diaz headshot

Sandra Campos-Diaz teaches science to high school students in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Engaging students in learning about a range of environmental topics continues to be part of Campos-Diaz’s motive for teaching, finding that students’ serious involvement has been very rewarding. “Students are aware of human activity as a driver of environmental problems and realize the need for change in favor of our planet. That is what I have noticed in the classroom,” said Campos-Diaz. Among the challenges Campos-Diaz has observed is that students may struggle in relating environmental issues to their lives and not knowing how they can contribute can be discouraging. The multiple variables that are involved also make the science and social implications difficult to understand. “I am enthusiastic about joining the Planetary Health Partnership to build an interdisciplinary curriculum that empowers students to have a better understanding and specific plans of action they can take for planetary health every day and in the future,” said Campos-Diaz.