Karen L. Erickson

Karen L. Erickson headshot

Karen L. Erickson, a national leader in Arts Education, has worked nationally and internationally in arts integration for 30 years. She is a National Workshop Leader, Keynote speaker and Seminar Presenter for the John F. Kennedy Center. As the Executive Director of Creative Directions, she provides services in curriculum integration, assessment and drama education. She has authored ten books on drama and education and publishes a website: www.onestopDRAMAshop.com for teachers to access drama integrated resources. She has worked as a co-developer of teacher professional development programs for the Sarasota schools, the Birmingham Cultural Alliance: Straight A’s program among many others. Erickson was a co-author of the Illinois Fine Arts Curriculum Resource Guide, the Illinois State Learning Standards, Integrated Curriculum Arts Project (ICAP) and the Illinois Performance Assessment Tools. Besides her experience teaching in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Masters of Arts in Teaching Programs at Columbia College, Erickson is a certified teacher in Language Arts and Theater Education for grades K-12. In professional theater, Erickson worked with the Goodman Theater where she assisted Tennessee Williams on two world premiers. She has worked with many Chicago Theaters in various roles as artistic director, playwright, actress, lyricist and director.