Quenia Ribeiro

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Quenia Ribeiro is a dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Ribeiro has performed Samba and Afro-Brazilian Dance in Greece, Martinique, Portugal, Brazil, and throughout the United States. Her studies in dance include elements of Classical Ballet, Street Samba of Rio De Janeiro, Afro-Brazilian Folkloric Dance, and Orixa movements rooted in Africa. Ribeiro has partnered with schools in both New York City and Brazil to teach Brazilian Dance and Creative Movement. Currently, Ribeiro choreographs and directs her own Dance Company, Grupo Ribeiro and teaches at Ailey Extension in New York City. https://www.sambasambasamba.com


Quenia Ribeiro                      Quenia Ribeiro                         Quenia Ribeiro