Krista Russel

Krista Russel is a science educator and department chair at Milwaukee Marshall High School. Russell is humbled and honored by the experience to serve not only as an advocate for scholars but also as a bridge between the science department and administrative staff. Russell’s goal is to serve as a safe haven for collaboration, dialogue, resources, and supports. “Creating such an avenue, helping us all stay informed and connected, fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation,” said Russell. Russell’s goal for the science department at Marshall is to increase rigor and create more meaningful lessons and engagement in classrooms. Russell hold a bachelor’s degree in biology, art, and culture from Alverno College, two biomedical certifications from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), as well as a projected master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from UW–Milwaukee. Additionally, Russell earned two teacher’s licenses endorsed by Alverno College in biology and broad field science. In the past six years, Russel has taught biology, chemistry, a global water internship, environmental science, and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) biomed courses. For the 2020-21 school year, Russell will be teaching two biomedical science courses and environmental health. “Manifesting peace, love, positive vibrations, and energy for a great school year!” said Russel.