Penny Smeltzer

Penny Smeltzer headshot

Penny Smeltzer created one of the largest AP Statistics programs in the nation with eleven full classes at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas, and is currently introducing the program at Austin Peace Academy. She has served as the Statistics Content Specialist for the National Math & Science Initiative, writing innovative lessons and helping teachers coast to coast. Her recognition includes Presidential Award Finalist, O’Donnell AP Teacher of the Year, Intel Teacher of Merit, Texas Exes Outstanding Teacher, the national winner of the Siemen’s Teacher Award, and Toyota International Teacher Award. Nineteen years of experience as an AP Statistics exam grader, grading leader, rubric writer, and Test Development Committee Co-Chair keeps her in touch with the focus of the AP Statistics course. Her passion is creating meaningful interdisciplinary lessons with science using topics that matter in the lives of the human population and the planet. Smeltzer presents lively, interactive workshops to teachers in AP Statistics, New Teacher Survival Skills, and Math & Science Integration with Lessons That Matter.