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AP Summer Institute

In 2023 UW-Madison will offer the AP Summer Institute online.

Sessions will run in a variety of different weeks throughout the summer. Instruction will be provided with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous methods, providing the same content and opportunities to connect with facilitators, colleagues, and guest presenters from UW–Madison and beyond.

Schedules will vary by course—generally days will begin at 8:30a and end at 3:30p CT. A detailed agenda will be provided with your Canvas access, highlighting exactly when you’ll need to be logged on throughout the day.


June 26-29, July 10-13, July 24-27, and July 31-August 3

Where: Online

Program Fee: $675

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Subject Areas

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Art & Design

Dates: July 10-13, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Gabriel Dorrego

Session Description:
AP Summer Institutes offer the most thorough professional learning available for AP ART educators who teach AP 2D design, 3D design, and drawing. Attendees engage in 30 or more hours of content-rich training designed to strengthen how they teach their AP courses. You’ll leave your AP Summer Institute experience with ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools shared by an experienced educator within the AP community. 

At your Summer Institute, you will: 

  • Explore each section of the course and exam description, including the unit guides, while making connections to the course curricular requirements 
  • Begin to develop a course plan by unit and topic that incorporates the full scope of your AP course into your school’s academic calendar
  • Examine formative and summative assessment items to identify content and skill pairings that are the targets of these assessments and create lesson plans to reinforce content and skill connections
  • Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP Exam to samples of student work
  • Identify student strengths and weaknesses using data available through AP Classroom and Instructional Planning Reports
  • Explore ready-to-use strategies, instructional materials, and pedagogical tools pertinent to the content and skills required for success in your AP course
  • Develop meaningful connections within the AP community 


June 26-29, 2023     Register Now

Dates: July 31-August 3, 2023    Register Now 

Consultant: Ed Braddy     Guest Presenter: Kevin Niemi

Session Description:
The 2023 Biology APSI will focus on preparing teachers to teach the AP Biology course. Participants will take an in-depth look at the AP Biology Course and Exam Description (CED) to review its content and organization, and how science practices can be fully integrated into instruction. Participants will connect the CED to curricular requirements for the course to see how AP Biology focuses on building conceptual understandings by teaching eight units. They will see how learning objectives are linked to essential biological knowledge statements, all contextualized around four Big Ideas. There will be discussion around the development of a semester and/or yearlong instructional plan that incorporates units, topics, and skills of the course as referenced in the CED. In addition, participants will explore AP Classroom so that they can use the site for resources and to assess and reflect on instruction/learning. Participants will be engaged in open-ended laboratory/inquiry work that focuses on topics in the AP Biology course, modeling the AP Biology science practices. An overview of the AP Biology Exam Format will be presented, and participants will apply the scoring guidelines for the 2023 AP Biology Exam. Through practice, discussions, modeling, and sharing of strategies and pedagogical tools, participants will gain insight into student engagement for the promotion of student academic improvement and success. 

Calculus AB & BC (combined)

Dates: July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Chris Yetman

Session Description:
This course is intended for both new and experienced AP Calculus teachers. We will look closely at the AP Calculus Course and Exam Description (CED). We will take a tour of the AP Classroom website and investigate other online resources such as Desmos, Delta Math, Calc Medic, etc. We will discuss the use of the graphing calculator and share some tips and tricks to help students use it more efficiently. We will explore the main topics of the AP Calculus courses, focusing on teaching strategies and resources to help increase student understanding. We will examine the 2022 and 2023 AP Calculus AB and BC Exam Free Response Questions along with their answer guidelines and sample student responses. We will also look at the 2018 and 1019 AP Calculus AB and BC International Practice Exam (IPE) Multiple Choice Questions. We will practice scoring student responses and discuss ways to incorporate all these items into our classrooms. 

Specific Mathematical Content:
AB Calculus Topics  

  • Chain Rule Differentiation 
  • Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates 
  • Rate In/Rate Out Problems 
  • Mean Value Theorem
  • Curve Sketching 
  • Integration and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Graphical Stem Problems
  • Differential Equations and Slope Fields
  • L’Hôpital’s Rule 

BC Calculus Topics (in-depth) 

  • Euler’s Method 
  • Integration by Parts 
  • Partial Fractions 
  • Improper Integrals
  • Sequences and Series
  • Taylor Series
  • Convergence Tests
  • Intervals of Convergence
  • Taylor Polynomials and Error Bounds
  • Parametric equations
  • Polar coordinates 
  • Vector-valued functions 


Dates: July 10-13, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Jordan Rose

Session Description:
By attending this APSI, participants will:  

  1. Develop a course pacing guide by unit/topic to incorporate the full scope of AP Chemistry into the school’s academic calendar. 
  2. Examine formative and summative assessment item types to identify and explain how pairings of content and skills are the focus of instruction and also the targets of these assessments. 
  3. Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP exam to samples of student work. 
  4. Identify student strengths and weaknesses using data available through AP Classroom and Instructional Planning Reports. 
  5. Walk away with ready-to-use strategies, activities, and pedagogical tools shared by experienced educators within the AP Community.

How You Will Benefit 

  1. Understanding the Course Framework  
  2. Focusing on building conceptualized understandings and teaching for transfer 
  3. Course framework defines the scope of the course and what students need to know for the AP Chemistry Exam

Computer Science A

Dates: July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Bob Getka

Session Description:
A full week is planned, covering everything from Unit 1 through Unit 10 in the Course and the Exam Description of the AP Computer Science CED. We’ll start the week with an overview of College Board resources and labs, and a review of some Java basics. Over the remainder of the week, we’ll discuss instructional strategies that you can use in the classroom, as well as pacing ideas, recruiting strategies, and more. We will take a deep dive into classes, arrays, ArrayList, 2D-arrays, and polymorphism. We will write a sample program using each of these constructs. We will also cover the College Board Labs that were created for AP Computer Science A. There will be some practice AP questions mixed into the week. Whether you’re new to Java or you’re an AP CS A veteran, the main goal is to ensure that you end the week feeling like you learned something that you use in your classroom this year.

Computer Science Principles

Dates: July 10-13, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Andy Kuemmel

Session Description:
This AP Computer Science Principles summer institute is designed for both new and experienced teachers of AP Computer Science Principles. Experienced teachers will have opportunities to further refine their course materials, learn about alternative curricula, share ideas with each other, and explore new resources. New teachers will leave with a clear understanding of the Big Ideas of Computer Science while developing strategies to incorporate the Computational Thinking Practices outlined in the course. In addition, new teachers will understand pacing, curricula, and programming language options. A variety of resources and teaching styles will be used throughout the week to help teachers develop and implement this course for their unique school situations.

Format of Learning:
Synchronous Meetings: Used to engage in real-time discussions in which participants learn the key features of the course, share teaching ideas, ask questions, and share experiences with the course content. These meetings will include both whole-group and small-group discussions.  

Asynchronous Learning: Work differentiated to meet the needs of each participant. Includes: Reading essential College Board documents and watching helpful College Board webinars Sharing ideas, strategies, and tips in Discussion Boards 

Growing as a programmer – at your own level, in the language of your choice

Completing short written responses 

Working with other participants if you choose 

Completing mini-tasks prepares you to teach the Create Task to your students.

Economics (combined)

Dates: July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Aaron Merz

Session Description:
The AP Economics – Macro and Micro (combined) APSI, will explore the course framework, the exam, and the new AP resources that will help you plan and focus instruction. You’ll also learn about creating a Syllabus and completing the course audit process to access the materials available through the College Board. Through this APSI, you’ll gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways, among several others: Understanding the Course; Planning the Course; Teaching the Course; Assessing Student Progress; and Engaging as a Member of the AP Community. In addition, specific attention will be paid to the following AP Classroom resources: unit guides, personal progress checks, the AP teacher community, and the AP question bank.  Special attention will be paid to the course content, as well as teaching strategies and other resources to help make teaching AP Macro and Micro a success. 

English Language

Dates: July 31-August 3, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Daniel O’Rourke

Session Description:

This online institute is designed for new and experienced teachers of AP English Language & Composition. Over the course of the week, we will engage in several hands-on activities that focus on preparing students for success on the AP English Language exam and, more generally, for all upper-level academic courses. We will examine various instructional strategies for close reading, rhetorical analysis, and composition–with an emphasis on Classical Oration Arrangement and on the Toulmin Model of Analysis. We will explore various writing-instruction heuristics and examine strategies for assigning and assessing multi-draft essays in a manageable way. Since AP English Language students need many opportunities to wrestle with and discuss challenging texts, we will devote time to a variety of rhetorical-reading activities and small-group discussion techniques. Participants will learn how to navigate through resources in AP Classroom and gain insights into various scope-and-sequencing plans for teaching the course, including the 9-unit Course-at-a-Glance outlined in the CED. And finally, to provide participants with full sets of sample student papers along with strategies for using those samples as instructional resources, we’ll simulate an AP Reading of the 2023 exam’s Free-Response Questions. I sure hope you are able to join us and look forward to seeing you this summer.

English Literature

June 26-29, 2023     Register Now

Dates: July 24-27, 2023    Register Now 

Consultant: Tom Reynolds 

Session Description:
This AP English Literature and Composition Summer Institute will explore the course framework, the exam, and AP resources designed to support our instruction and provide students feedback throughout the year. By attending this APSI, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the: 

  • AP Course & Exam Description  
  • Audit process & syllabus / course design 
  • AP Reading & essay scoring guidelines 
  • Best strategies and methods for teaching the course 
  • College writing process & expectations 
  • Value of AP Classroom 
  • AP Community & the professional development opportunities it affords

Environmental Science

June 26-29, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Delora Mowery

Session Description:
This online course is designed to maximize the learner experience, providing relevant AP content and pedagogy through meaningful engagement—all focused on best practices for preparing your AP students for success. This class is for new and experienced AP Environmental teachers. The intensive course will provide an overview of the AP Environmental Science (APES) curriculum. Important concepts will be discussed and explicitly related to APES free-response questions each day, and participants will perform virtual laboratories associated with these concepts. The primary goal is exposing participants to content and hands-on activities important to teaching a successful APES course.

In addition, new AP resources will be discussed, specifically AP Classroom. Participants are expected to spend some time on homework for this Institute, which could include working up lab data, reading lab activities, and, for all teachers, preparing a course syllabus or outline that correlate to the APES course description. Participants are encouraged to share electronic materials/favorite websites, as some class time will be reserved. Participants should have their school calendar for the coming year and a scientific calculator available. Participants will be expected to have read and answered the 2023 Free Response Questions before the Institute begins.


Human Geography

Dates: June 26-29, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Kelly Swanson

Session Description:
Whether you are a prized veteran or a new teacher of AP Human Geography, I want to welcome you to the world of AP Human Geography. Currently, AP Human Geography is one of the largest AP subjects because of teachers like you challenging their students to become the best geographers possible. During this Institute you will learn both teaching strategies and content for the course aimed at helping your students pass the AP Human Geography Exam. In addition, you will develop your own curriculum and assessments so that you are both confident and comfortable teaching the content to your class.   

After leaving this institute you will possess a structured course outline, lessons, and resources capturing the fundamentals of the AP Human Geography Course and Exam Description. In addition, participants will work on their unit assessments aimed at replicating content and framework of the AP Human Geography exam. We always have a good time with great topics and meeting amazing people. Join us!

Physics 1

Dates: July 10-13, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Kim Lowell

Session Description:
This workshop is intended for high school physics teachers who want to learn more about developing and teaching the AP 1 College Board course.  During the workshop, teachers will explore the Course and Exam Description and the AP classroom website as these are helpful resources for any AP teacher. The workshop will allow teachers to examine past AP free response questions, look at students’ responses, and learn how these questions are scored. The main focus of the workshop will be inquiry-based labs and instruction. Teachers will design and complete inquiry labs each day of the course. The course will have both synchronous and asynchronous instruction and participants will be given time each day to create a unit plan that can be used in their classrooms. Participants will collaborate with each other to discuss best practices throughout the week and instruction will be adjusted based on participants’ needs.


Dates: July 31-August 3, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Kelly Hemmerling

Session Description:
During this AP PreCalculus APSI, you will have in-depth exposure to the new AP PreCalculus course content, according to the College Board Course and Exam Description (CED).

As we delve into the mathematical practices required for student success, time will be allotted to explore what’s in the new course framework, along with what’s not in the framework. Along with learning about the course framework, you will receive specifics about the AP exam design and scoring process.

We will explore aspects of AP Classroom, including the digital activation process for both teachers and students, Classroom’s capabilities for formative and summative assessment, and avenues for teachers to engage as members in the AP community.

Along with the CED, supplemental materials will be presented that may enhance your current learning resources to better align with the new course framework. Recommendations regarding pacing and instructional strategies will also be provided.


July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Dates: July 31-August 3, 2023    Register Now 

Consultant: Nancy Fenton

Session Description:
This four-day workshop is designed for both new and experienced instructors. It will include course content, planning, and a variety of resources that can be used in a wide range of educational settings (e.g., traditional, block, online, blended, and flipped). The workshop will highlight the broad themes which link the distinct units together into a strong understanding of the discipline. Particular attention will be devoted to effective teaching strategies to support the content and build success on the AP Psychology exam, including the multiple-choice and essay (free response) portions. Participants will develop a strong understanding of how the free-response questions are graded and learn specific practical techniques to prepare students for this portion of the exam. For each course unit, new materials, including demonstrations, hands-on activities, labs, review materials, critical thinking exercises, formative assessments, summative assessments, and strategies for difficult topics, will be provided. Projects and activities that build content and develop scientific attitudes and skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and literacy, will also be examined. This interactive conference will allow teachers to share ideas, activities, questions, and best practices. Materials for effectively using technology for instruction in a traditional or hybrid model will be provided, as well as material for scaffolding materials for differentiated instruction. Additionally, there will be a short discussion about planning for the upcoming redesign. The virtual APSI will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning each day.

Spanish Language and Culture

Dates: July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Brian Scott

Session Description:
This summer institute is designed to help teachers (new or experienced) learn new information, resources, classroom ideas and strategies, and exam tips all related to the AP Spanish Language & Culture Course and Exam. The workshop will provide sample units, lessons, and authentic materials that relate to the 6 AP Language Thematic Units. Participants will learn and practice how the exam is scored as well as all the “Do’s and Don’ts” to tell their students. They will also leave with an abundance of ideas and strategies to successfully teach the course. Given that this workshop is online, teachers are encouraged to participate and share in order to help create a fun and collaborative environment.

U.S. Government

Dates: June 26-29, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Tom Kuhn

Session Description:
This institute will be taught virtually, both synchronously and asynchronously. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to organize and develop a sequential curriculum for their AP Course that is both integrated and spiraling in skill development throughout the year. We will spend a part of the week examining the AP Curriculum and College Board activities as well as creating student-centered lessons that address the political science disciplinary practices required of the course. We will also devote a significant amount of time to the 9 required foundational documents, as well as the 15 required Supreme Court cases.

 Additionally, we will examine each component of the exam in-depth: Multiple Choice and Free-Response Questions (FRQs). We will examine all 4 Free-Response questions from the 2023 AP Exam. High-Value activities that teach and reinforce the rubric points for each FRQ component will be presented. Additionally, mock readings of student samples for each Exam FRQ type will be held so that you are well-prepared to grade your own students’ work in the forthcoming school year. Asynchronous time will also be allotted each afternoon for Unit design, lesson creation, and pacing guides.

U.S. History

Dates: July 10-13, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Patrick Coffey

Session Description:
This institute is designed for both “rookies” and “veterans”. The week will examine the APUSH Curricular Exam Description (CED), the course syllabus, the AP US history EXAM, the Historical Thinking Skills of the course, and the 9 chronological time periods. The week will also focus on introducing “tools for the trenches”, daily activities to build historical thinking skills teachers could use in their class tomorrow. 

World History

Dates: July 24-27, 2023     Register Now

Consultant: Victoria Bayless

Session Description:
This Advanced Placement Summer Institute will focus on the AP World History: Modern course and best practices for teachers of all experience levels. The focus of the course will be on practical classroom application and the use of the Course and Exam Description. Special attention will be paid to pacing the course, writing techniques for students, and how best to balance content and skill in a classroom. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the depth and breadth of AP World History while making connections to new colleagues as well as access to useful resources. 

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If you have questions about the AP Summer Institute, please email PLACE Conference and Event Planning Services at conferences@education.wisc.edu.