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Instructional Coaching Opportunities

What is Instructional Coaching?

Instructional coaching is a field with promise and possibility. A successful school or district coaching model can create a powerful professional learning community committed to student success. The goal of school-based instructional coaching is to increase student learning by providing continuous, relevant and job-embedded support to teachers (Sweeney, 2010). In order to do so, schools employ a variety of instructional coaching models; however, not all models lead with a focus on evidence and student learning. Student-Centered Coaching is the model that embraces these practices and puts teachers in the best position to improve student learning.


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Student-Centered Instructional Coaching Certificate Program

Complete four online courses for job-embedded professional development that applies the practices of Student-Centered Coaching to authentic participant contexts.

Instructional Coaching in the Content Areas

Develop and expand understandings and applications for instructional coaching within the content areas of literacy and math.

Virtual Collaborative Coaching Conversations

Join coaches and teacher leaders as we discuss hot topics in instructional coaching.

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Our Instructional Coaching Symposium offers current and aspiring coaches an opportunity to discuss promising practices and problems of practice. 2020 conference details will be available summer 2020.

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“I am continually impressed with the thoughtfulness, clarity, relevance, and urgency with which all facilitators of this certification program design/evolve content and communicate feedback. I'm proud to be part of a program that I imagine is at the top of its game, so to speak. So much of your work serves a model for my future practice.”

Emily Carr

Program Instructors

Jen Breezee


Instructional Coaching Specialist


225 N. Mills Street
Suite #264
Madison, WI 53706

Laura Lang


Lecturer/Senior Outreach Specialist

Christina Stefonek


Math and Science Professional Learning Specialist



225 N. Mills Street
Suite #264
Madison, WI 53706

Sandra Taylor-Marshall


Instructional Coaching Program Coordinator



225 N. Mills Street
Suite #264
Madison, WI 53706