Mathematical Discourse Series

This series of three one-day interactive workshops for K-12 educators includes research-based resources, activities, and time for planning and implementation. Each workshop can be taken independently or sequentially. The second and third workshops build on the first, maintaining the lens of support for Multilingual Learners while looking more generally at discourse structures specific to math.

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How can supporting learners in mathematics discourse advance justice and equity?

Historically, mathematics education has narrowly defined what it means to be successful, often assigning competence to only the select few who could repeat a solution strategy quickly and accurately. Supported by research on mathematical discourse, we push back on that narrow definition of success in mathematics. We are constantly seeking new ways to support students and broaden access to the title of mathematician. When facilitated thoughtfully, mathematical discourse practices position all students as capable and allow students who have been historically marginalized to feel competent. We encourage supporting students with additional resources while maintaining our expectations for rigor. Finally, we use student work and student contributions during discussion as data that allow us to know more about what students know and are able to do with mathematics.  


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