Understanding the edTPA: Documenting Your Reflective Practice


edTPA™ is an assessment process that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate they have the skills to help all students learn. edTPA was developed by Stanford University’s faculty and staff with input from teachers and teacher educators from across the nation to support candidate learning and preparation program growth and renewal. edTPA is a measure of readiness to teach that informs program completion and licensure decisions.  By completing these self-paced modules teacher candidates will receive guidance to assemble the appropriate edTPA artifacts that will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they’ve obtained. These module do not take the place of completing the edTPA or guarantee edTPA success, but does provide teacher candidates with information about the edPTA process and required materials. For more information about edTPA please see their website.


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Meet Your Instructor

Mary Jo Ziegler currently works for CESA2 as an instructional consultant and Title I Network Coordinator. Her thirty years of experience in education includes with a broad spectrum of PK thru 12 educators and leaders in both urban and rural settings supporting effective instruction. She has also worked closely with professors at UW-Madison.


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