College Career and Community Writers Program

College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) is an intensive professional development program that provides educators with instructional resources and formative assessment tools for the teaching of evidence-based argument writing.

A program of the National Writing Project, C3WP answers the contemporary call for respectful argument discourse. Professional development, instructional resources, and assets-based formative assessments support students in reading critically, exploring multiple points of view, engaging in discussions to better understand diverse perspectives, and ultimately writing to take a stand on important issues.

Through synchronous collaboration and asynchronous independent work, participants will read, write, and discuss with each other and the facilitators online using Zoom and Google Docs.

Schools and District Partnerships

Year-long partnerships for up to 20 teachers include summer and school year professional development. Summer programming can be scheduled as early as June. Classrooms will be supported in completing four skill-focused instructional cycles of inquiry and argument across the school year. For pricing and registration inquiries, please contact Mark Dziedzic. Financial assistance may be available.

The Open Institute for individual teachers will not be available for the 2021-22 school year.

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  • Intensive and embedded teacher-to-teacher professional development to support classroom instruction in the teaching of argument writing
  • A year-long arc of intentionally sequenced instructional resources that support students’ developing skills in writing arguments
  • Formative assessment tools that help educators determine what their students can do and where to focus next instructional steps

C3WP is most successful when implemented throughout an entire school year. Two GMWP Teacher Leaders who are experienced in teaching C3WP in the classrooms and in professional development settings with support educators in getting started as well as throughout the school year. This allows educators to learn alongside their students, gaining a deep understanding of C3WP and making the right next step instructions.

To learn more and/or get started contact one of our program coordinators today.

  • 3-4 days of professional development for teams of teachers during the summer
  • 4 yearlong meetings (1 each quarter) for formative assessment and planning
  • Classroom visits and individual coaching
  • Online correspondence and support
  • Opportunity for all to share work at UW–Madison’s Teacher Research Forum

In multiple separate and independently researched randomized control trials, C3WP has been found to have a positive, statistically significant effect on four attributes of middle and high school students’ argument writing: content (the quality of reasoning and use of evidence), structure (order and organization), stance (tone, style, credibility), and conventions (punctuation, formatting, etc.). The most recent study includes students in grades seven through ten from 108 rural, high-need schools across more than a dozen states, including Wisconsin. With these results, C3WP will be listed in the highly prestigious What Works Clearinghouse.

Research Findings and Resources

Learn more about the College, Career, and Community Program (C3WP) from the National Writing Project.

Read “For the Sake of Argument: An Approach to Evidence-Based Writing” that explains the purpose of C3WP.

Impacts on Students of a Short-Cycle Implementation of the National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program

Impact of the National Writing Project’s College-Ready Writers Program on Teachers and Students

C3WP Participant Testimonials

Brodhead is a small, rural school district in a vibrant agricultural community. C3WP helped me to bring in current societal controversies for serious consideration by my students. Instead of going with the flow of mainstream opinions, students were encouraged to examine their biases, use evidence to formulate claims, and advocate for change.

Stephanie Hurt, Middle and High School ELA Teacher, Brodhead School District

The whole philosophy around this program, the fact that it's just as much about listening as it is about writing, resonated strongly with my students and me. It's about listening to the different voices at the table, considering all the evidence, and forming your own claim based on that careful listening. I also cherish the professional community I've gained through C3WP and GMWP. I've learned an immense amount from my colleagues, who have also become great friends.

Susan Hart, English Teacher, Waunakee High School


If you have questions about the College, Career, and Community Writers Program, please email Greater Madison Writing Project Director  Mark Dziedzic at