Facilitating Mathematical Discussions and Justification

This one-day workshop provides educators with an opportunity to learn about and plan for mathematical discussions while supporting students to provide justification for their answers. We will focus on recognizing and teaching mathematical conjecturing, generalizing, and justification in both written and oral contexts. In this small-group interactive workshop, participants will engage in activities, access resources, and analyze student work samples. Time is intentionally included to plan for implementation in your classroom.  

Although this workshop can be taken independently, it will build on the experiences of Math Support for Multilingual Learners. This second workshop will maintain the lens of supports for multilingual learners while looking more generally at discourse structures specific to math. For example, we will look at samples of students’ written discourse with rubrics to determine which type of reasoning they are using. We will then use the structures from the first workshop to determine what students will need in order to craft a valid mathematical justification.


Facilitating Mathematical Discussions and Justification is for K-12 educators.


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If you have questions about Facilitating Mathematical Discussions and Justification, please email Yorel Lashley at lashley@wisc.edu.