Math Support for Multilingual Learners Workshop

This one-day workshop provides educators with an opportunity to learn about and implement supports for Multilingual Learners. Research-based pedagogical practices in math education encourage teachers to use a student-centered approach which involves facilitating math discussions and requiring students to provide explanations and justification for their solution strategies. In order for students to access these skills, they need to be able to use academic language through reading, writing, speaking and listening — skills that can be challenging for Multilingual Learners. In this workshop, participants will engage in example activities that demonstrate ways to incorporate linguistic scaffolds and supports that will enable students to participate in math discussions using mathematical reasoning and justification.

On the day of the workshop, we will meet online synchronously for a few hours in the morning followed by asynchronous planning time in the afternoon.  More details and resources will be shared after registration.

Who Should Enroll

Math Support for Multilingual Learners is for K-12 educators.

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Math Support for Multilingual Learners Participant Testimonials

This workshop was great.  It provided us with great tools to focus on language development when it comes to math and to help our bilingual students.

Academic language is an integral component to my classroom, regardless of being an English language learner.


If you have questions about Math Support for Multilingual Learners, please email Yorel Lashley at