The Power of Real Talk to Make Real Change

For generations, scholars, civil rights leaders, ministers, activists, and educators have pushed, fought, and even died for simply daring to communicate the need for equity and inclusion. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to have real conversations that illuminate the ills in our society that perpetuate systemic racism and negatively impact future generations. But what does it take to engage in difficult conversations about race and equity? How can we transform conversations into action for lasting change? In this Real Talk for Real Change symposium, local and national experts will lead us in “The Power of Real Talk to Make Real Change” to explore the art of engaging in real talk with key stakeholders through honest, genuine, tough conversations.

  • Mariana Castro (Deputy Director, Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Curriculum Designer & Instructor, The Discussion Project)
  • Alex Gee (CEO, Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development; Senior Pastor, Fountain of Life Covenant Church, Inc.) 
  • Terrance Green (Professor, University of Texas at Austin Department of Educational Leadership and Policy)
  • Baron Kelly (Professor, UW–Madison Department of Theatre and Drama & Division of Continuing Studies)
  • Dana Pellebon (Co-Executive Director, Dane County Rape Crisis Center)