Feminist Leadership, Education, and the Future

Our June 2020 chat featured the following presenters:

  • Lori DiPrete Brown, founding Director of the UW–Madison campus-wide 4W Initiative (Women & Wellbeing in Wisconsin & the World)
  • Olivia Dahlquist, Assistant Director of 4W
  • Amy Vatne Bintliff, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Education Studies, Partners at Learning (PAL) Program, University of California–San Diego.

In this interactive conversation, DiPrete Brown and Dahlquist covered the topic of transformative feminist leadership and its relationship to the 4W Initiative, including time for writing and sharing. Next, Bintliff transitioned to a conversation about teacher wellbeing, bringing a necessary focus to the need for equitable structures for teachers and administrators as well as students.

Bring more depth to the conversation by reading this short piece from DiPrete Brown and Dahlquist before viewing— Feminist Leadership and the 4W Initiative.

Feminist Fireside Chats are part of the Women’s Leadership Incubator—a gender-inclusive program that welcomes the participation of all allies—coming in July 2021.

Feminist Leadership, Education, and the Future—Can We Build Back Better? June 11, 2020

Guest Speakers

Amy Vatne Bintliff

Credentials: PhD., M.Ed

Position title: Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Education Studies, PAL (Partners at Learning) Program, University of California–San Diego

Lori DiPrete Brown

Credentials: MSPH, MTS

Position title: Director, 4W Women & Wellbeing Initiative

Olivia Dahlquist

Position title: Assistant Director of the 4W Women & Wellbeing Initiative


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