Connecting Student Thinking to Content through Number Talks

It’s the connections students have with their thinking, other’s thinking, to the content we are working on, to the math basic facts. I have found there are so many benefits to doing Number Talks” – 5th grade teacher sharing their research on number talks.

Drum Power on Wisconsin Life

PLACE’s own Arts Director, Dr. Yorel Lashley, was profiled on the January 1st episode of Wisconsin Life on Wisconsin Public Television. In the feature, Dr. Lashley spoke of his journey to learn African Drumming and …

Facilitating 4th Grade Peer Feedback on Mathematics

A fourth grade teacher shares their experience facilitating student’s peer feedback on mathematics. Discover how students improved their mathematical conversations with the peer feedback facilitation.

Math Connect Brings Educators Together Online

For anyone collaborating virtually right now, the panel of squares and faces making up the online Math Connect meetings will feel familiar. While taking work home is familiar territory for many, teaching from home is …

Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re reimagining how we accomplish this mission while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our participants, partners, collaborators, and instructors.