This print workshop covers the major methods of serigraphy (also called screen print). Additive and subtractive methods of construction will be introduced along with traditional and alternative methods of printing with water-based ink. Students will create editions with analog hand-drawn, digital, stencil, and photo-emulsion methods. Studio practice will include painterly print techniques such as dye, flock, gilt, and chine collé. Participants are encouraged to bring open-sourced imagery and found ephemera such as maps, book pages, documents, and other unique printed matter. Students will experience encouragement of their own individual art making as directed by the unique quality of printmaking. All levels welcome.

This workshop is taught by Emily Arthur, an Associate Professor of Printmaking whose collections have been featured at the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and the Tweed Museum. Learn more about Emily here.


Room 6451, 6th floor of the George L. Mosse Humanities Building on 455 N. Park St., Madison, WI 53706

Participants in the screen printing studio with Art Librarian Anna Simon                      Emily Arthur in the screen printing studio


People looking at art in the gallery                      Participant sharing work in the gallery