New Course on Social-Emotional Learning Coming to PLACE

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PLACE Arts Director Dr. Yorel Lashley is currently developing a new online course on social-emotional learning for K-12 and community educators that features UW–Madison School of Education faculty expertise and experience. Subscribe for updates as they develop!

Dr. Yorel Lashley.

Dr. Lashley’s research on social and emotional learning and the UW–Madison Community Arts Collaboratory’s arts assessment approach was recently featured in, “Towards a collaborative approach to measuring social-emotional learning in the arts,” co-authored by Professor Erica Halverson and published in the Arts Education Policy Review. His work was also highlighted in a Wisconsin State Journal story on “the intangibles of school-based learning” in the time of COVID. 

Social-emotional learning and the arts can profoundly impact education. But art hasn’t always been a core component of educational structure or assessment. 

PLACE and the UW–Madison Community Arts Collaboratory provide arts integration and social-emotional learning through programs including: 

  • Whoopensocker, a program focused on creative writing and theater performance
  • Performing Ourselves, a collection of dance education, movement therapy principals, and empowering youth through performance art
  • Drum Power, a program that combines West African, Brazilian, and Cuban drumming to teach community 
  • FauHaus, a visual arts program centered on Black cultural identity

“In addition to providing a model for interdisciplinary interdepartmental collaboration, the UW Community Arts Collaboratory has allowed programs designed to maximize student growth, empowerment, and engagement through the arts to become contributors to this field of research, keeping students and teachers at the center,” Lashley writes in the article, “Towards a collaborative approach to measuring social-emotional learning in the arts.” 

If you have questions about our upcoming social-emotional learning course, please email Dr. Lashley at